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Elizabeth E.

I have been a patient of Dr. T's for well over 10 years. Pat & Dr. T are always so kind, caring, & cheerful. I appreciate the family atmosphere, asking if you need water, checking on you to be sure they know of recent medical changes, etc. They are willing to work with you through emails to confirm those appointments and no waiting at appointments when scheduled. First found them when I need a root canal - which was my 1st ever dental surgery. They made it as easy and with little discomfort. I needed help with temporary cap before I got my permanent crown - I called after hours & received help ASAP. I want to keep my teeth in tip top condition with preventive measures. They make sure to keep up with my 6 month checkups and always keep me smiling. I've only had 2 dentists in my life and I feel grateful that Dr. T goes the extra mile for his patients.

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I just got my teeth squeaky clean today at Dr. Tisdelle's office. Everyone in his office is professional, but very friendly - they make you feel like family. Dr. T was especially gracious after a recent crown didn't fit quite right - he replaced it right away!

Jesslyn L.

I have been coming here since moving to the area last year. His entire staff is friendly, accommodating, and always makes an effort to have me seen in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend!

Justine J.

I just relocated back to the area and am so pleased to have Dr. Tisdelle and his staff here. I found Dr. Tisdelle to be professional and personable. I had a last minute emergency filling that I needed taken care of and the staff were able to fit me in right away. The front desk is courteous and efficient. Hats of to my hygienist for making me squeaky clean. Recommend to anyone interested in good dental experience.

Jan Z.

My husband and I started going to Dr. Tisdelle almost 20 years ago when we moved to C'Ville -- and we have absolutely NO intention of going elsewhere. He and his staff are always friendly, taking time to get to know you as a person, not just a patient. Over the years we have faced not only the normal cleaning and a few cavities, but also root canals and crowns. He has twice foregone income by recommending against minor cosmetic procedures I asked for: 1) whitening -- he indicated my teeth were already a very NATURAL white and advised OTC whitening if I felt the need for an additional boost -- which works great; and 2) filing my eye teeth down slightly, which he felt would harm my bite and increase the risk of cavities and other problems (I'm a senior and well past the stage for braces). These actions showed more interest in my health and finances than his own pocketbook and earned my respect. In summary, Dr. Tisdelle is very competent, friendly and considerate. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Kay L.

This office has that unique combination of being professional and personable. Pat runs an exceptionally efficient front office, so I am seen within moments of my appointment time and insurance and billing runs smoothly. Dr Tisdelle is the ultimate professional-he explains in detail everything he is doing or suggesting, and strives to make treatment as comfortable as possible. I wholeheartedly recommend this practice.

Zhuo Fu

Dr. Tisdelle filled up 2 small holes on my teeth. He did a really good job. He REALLY knows his stuff well. good hand skill and smart brain. thumbs up.The front desk clerk is awesome too. Everything is crystal clear when comes to the payment. super efficient. Highly recommend if you are doing a tooth filling.

Anita Urban

My 1st visit to Dr. Tisdelle was a root canal. It was also the very 1st time in my life I experienced a 100% pain free dental visit. Yes, you read that right a completely pain free root canal. In the over four(4) decades I had endured dental procedures at the hands of other dentists I had NEVER experienced a pain free dental visit. When he finished I giggled out of surprise and said, "I actually didn't feel what you did." I didn't even know that was possible. You are about to see a miracle. A woman who has been afraid of dentists all her life is about to recommend a dentist. If you are afraid of dentists like I was. You NEED to see Dr. Michael Tisdelle! If you want a pleasant 100% pain free dental visit. You NEED to see Dr. Michael Tisdelle! If you have never had a good dentist experience and would like to have one (because they really do actually exist). You NEED TO SEE Dr. Michael Tisdelle! God Bless That Man!

Katilynn W.

Great experience! Made a new patient appointment within the same week of calling. Rebecca at the front desk was very nice and welcoming. Michelle the hygienist did a great job with my cleaning and explaining everything throughout. Dr. Tisdelle was very personable and spent a good amount of time with me explaining my treatment plan and options. He made me feel like I had control of my care and my opinion counted, which is very important to me. Would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a dentist!

Tana Krstich

Dr. Michael Tisdelle is the best in town! He targets only the problems that truly exist. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and informative. My children, and husband all agree that he is the most patient, kind, and informative dentist ever! His entire staff is also incredibly personable and understanding! I give the entire office 5 stars!

Mimi West

Great customer service. They helped keep our children entertained with papers and crayons during our appointments. They were especially patient with us through an incident in which we (the patients) neglected to communicate properly. They made it right and exceeded our expectations in every way. I recommend them to all Charlottesville residents, especially families.

Eric Luedecking

Very friendly, professional, and knowledgable staff.

Kelly Figueroa-Ray

Great dentist!

Michael West

I'm giving this dental office 5 stars because of the way they handled a complaint from us. One of my biggest complaints in the healthcare industry is the disconnect between patients and healthcare providers concerning prices providers charge for their services. Normally when a discrepancy between what I believe I will be charged and what the insurance company actually covers occurs, I am left with a bill; and any complaints to the provider fall on deaf ears and I'm never left with any explanation. It's extremely irritating to me because price is rarely discussed when setting up appointments when insurance companies are involved. We all just assume everything will be covered. This is what happened to us a couple weeks ago when we went in for our first visit. We learned afterwards that Michael Tisdelle does not have an agreement with our insurance company Delta Dental and so we were left covering the difference out of pocket when we thought our expenses would be covered 100%. On top of it, as a first time patient we were scheduled for a preliminary appointment before our first cleaning to fill out paperwork and have our teeth checked to make sure they didn’t require any extensive cleaning before scheduling a regular cleaning appointment. I had never heard of this before, so it was a bit alarming to me. My initial reaction was that it was a way for them to make a little extra money by getting two appointments out of a new patient rather than just one. After getting billed for it, I called and complained. But instead of getting ignored like I normally do, Michael Tisdelle took time out of his busy schedule to call me on his personal phone to schedule a time to meet with me and my wife personally to discuss our complaint and fix any wrong doing on their end. There was no wrong doing on their end. Apparently these preliminary appointments are done in other clinics and a lot of times they are lumped together into one appointment so I’ve never noticed them before. They are covered by insurance companies and are a normal protocol. I didn’t know that. So I really appreciate him for actually explaining it to me.

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