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By Michael J. Tisdelle DDS
July 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Here are some circumstances that might require you to have a permanent tooth removed.tooth extractions

Hearing that your smile could actually benefit from having a tooth removed may sound rather odd but sometimes it’s necessary if you want to maintain a healthy smile. Our Charlottesville, VA, dentist, Dr. Michael Tisdelle, is here to explain when a tooth extraction may be necessary for you.

Wisdom Tooth Problems

The most common reason someone needs a tooth extraction is if a tooth is impacted, which is often the case with wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth are impacted this simply means that they won’t fully erupt through the gums. If they only partially erupt they leave an opening in your gums where food and bacteria can easily become trapped and cause problems. When this happens our Charlottesville general dentist will recommend that you get your wisdom teeth removed.


Another reason a tooth extraction may be necessary is to make a little room in your mouth so that braces will be more effective. If you have some serious overcrowding then our dentist may advise removing one or two teeth to create enough room for the rest of your teeth to move more efficiently throughout your orthodontic process.


Sometimes a tooth becomes so severely cracked or decayed that it’s beyond repair. This is more likely to happen if you ignore symptoms such as dental pain or sensitivity or if you don’t come into our office twice a year for routine exams. If you don’t come in for preventive care then we won’t be able to detect decay or a fracture right away when it’s easier to treat. As the problem gets worse and begins to greatly affect the health of the tooth the only option we may have is to pull the tooth and replace it.

How do I know if I need a tooth extracted?

The only way that you’ll be able to tell whether a tooth extraction is the right approach for you and your oral health is to visit us for a consultation. We will perform a thorough evaluation that will include X-rays.

The X-rays will be able to detect dental damage and show us the alignment of wisdom teeth so we can determine what treatment will be the best option for your smile. If you don’t get an extraction when you are supposed to this could lead to some serious issues like pain or an infection.

Do you have questions about getting a tooth extraction? Are you wondering if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? If so, call our Charlottesville, VA, dental office today to learn more.

By Michael J. Tisdelle DDS
November 20, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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We treat most malocclusions (bad bites) with braces or clear aligners. But not all malocclusions are alike — some can require extra procedures to achieve successful results.

One such example is when incoming teeth crowd other teeth and cause them to erupt abnormally. The crowding also reduces the space needed to move the misaligned teeth to better positions. To make more room we'll often remove some of the teeth before undertaking orthodontics.

The key is to extract the right teeth. The best candidates are those whose absence will have minimal effect on both appearance and dental function. That's commonly the bicuspids, located right on the edge of the “smile zone” (the teeth most visible when we smile) between the cuspid (eye) teeth and the back molars.

Once we choose and remove the teeth our next concern is to protect the bone at the extraction site. The bone in our jaws benefits from the pressure created when we bite or chew. This stimulates new bone cells to form and replace older cells. Without it, as when we have a missing tooth, the amount of bone can diminish over time and affect the success of any future orthodontics.

To prevent this, we take care not to damage the gums and bone removing the tooth. We may also install a graft under the empty socket to encourage bone growth.

If we've removed teeth outside the smile zone, the resulting orthodontics will move teeth into the opened space. In the end, you won't even notice they're gone. Teeth lost or congenitally missing in the smile zone, though, may eventually require a replacement tooth. A dental implant is the best choice, but it should be put on hold for a younger person until their jaw has fully developed.

In the meantime, we can install a spacer or a temporary restoration to hold the empty space and prevent other teeth from drifting into it. This can be incorporated into braces or aligners, or with a removable partial denture or a temporary modified bridge.

Extracting teeth to aid orthodontics first requires a well-laid plan that could encompass several years. The end result, though, can be well worth the time and effort — better function and a new, attractive smile.

If you would like more information on the process of straightening teeth, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Tooth Removal for Orthodontic Reasons.”