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By Michael J. Tisdelle DDS
March 26, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Would you like to decrease your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues? Preventive care offers a simple way to protect your oral health. In fact, regular visits to your Charlottesville, VA, dentist, Dr. Michael Tisdelle, can help you keep your smile healthy and strong. Read on to learn how!

How You Can Benefit From Preventive Care

You probably practice preventive care in other areas of your life without really thinking about it. Periodic oil changes keep your car running smoothly, while regular filter replacements help you avoid heating breakdowns during the winter months.

Preventive dental care helps you reduce your risk of dental problems and ensures that cavities and other issues are identified and treated before they can harm your oral health. It can help you:

  • Avoid Cavities: Daily brushing and flossing remove plaque from your teeth, reducing your cavity and gum disease risk. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to remove plaque from portions of your teeth that overlap. During your twice-yearly visits to our Charlottesville dental office, you will receive a thorough cleaning to remove both plaque and tartar from your teeth.
  • Ensure You Receive Prompt Treatment: The larger the cavity, the more damage it does to your teeth. If you visit the dentist every six months, any cavities you do develop won't have time to do much damage. In addition to spotting signs of cavities and gum disease, your dentist will also diagnose other dental issues and recommend treatments.
  • Protect Your Oral Health: Your dentist conducts an oral cancer screening during every preventive care visit. Early cancer diagnosis and treatment can save your life if you're diagnosed with oral cancer. Signs of cancer may include lumps, bumps, cysts, red spots, white patches, or non-healing sores.
  • Safeguard Your General Health: Signs of some general health problems first appear in your mouth. Bleeding gums can be caused by diabetes or an immune system condition, in addition to poor oral hygiene. Acid reflux not only causes heartburn, but it may also trigger erosion of your tooth enamel. If your dentist notices any concerning symptoms, he'll refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional.

Are you due for a checkup? Call your dentist in Charlottesville, VA, Dr. Tisdelle, at (434) 977-4101 to schedule your appointment.