How Teeth Whitening Can Change Your Smile

By Michael J. Tisdelle DDS
November 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Teeth WhiteningWhat can make you look older than you really are? Stained, yellowed teeth can, and when your smile looks dull, your whole persona suffers. To improve that smile, consult Dr. Michael Tisdelle about professional teeth whitening at his Charlottesville, VA dental practice. Whether done in the office or in the comfort of your own home, supervised teeth whitening produces amazing results, and best of all, it's safe for your teeth and gums.

Your tooth enamel

It absorbs stains just like a carpet, piece of cloth or cement sidewalk. Composed of a calcified network of fibers, enamel grabs and holds onto plaque and tartar, deep pigments from foods and beverages, and tobacco residues from cigarette smoke. Over time, smiles darken, and routine brushing and flossing cannot brighten the discoloration.

Teeth whitening can help

You've seen over-the-counter whitening products at the drugstore, but unfortunately, these toothpastes, strips and rinses cannot remove deep stains. Also, they often cause tooth and gum sensitivity.

A better alternative is professional teeth whitening from your dentist in Charlottesville. Dr. Tisdelle carefully evaluates his patients and their oral health before recommending any cosmetic dental treatment, including whitening. As his patient, you're assured your teeth and gums are disease-free and will respond well to the powerful bleaching gel used in both the in-office and at-home treatments.

It's your choice

Dr. Tisdelle will help you decide on which kind of whitening treatment is best for you. Both improve tooth color by several shades. The in-office version takes about one hour, using highly-concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. The at-home version uses a less-concentrated gel applied with custom-fitted acrylic trays. This process takes about a week of daily applications but produces similar results.

Keeping it bright

You can keep your renewed smile white for a year or more by:

  • Brushing and flossing daily and getting professional dental cleanings
  • Avoiding tobacco in all forms
  • Limiting coffee, tea, colas, blueberries and other dark foods and drinks
  • Drinking several glasses of water a day to hydrate oral tissues, stimulate saliva and keep tooth surfaces clean
  • Getting whitening touch-ups at the dental office as needed

Change your smile and your outlook

Expect your self-confidence to increase when Dr. Tisdelle whitens your smile. Come into the office for a friendly consultation, and ask about our other cosmetic dental treatments. Call today for an appointment: (434) 977-4101.