Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?

By Michael J. Tisdelle DDS
January 17, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: oral hygiene  

Most people who come to the dentist with serious oral ailments have challenges maintaining good oral hygiene. Dental decay and gum oral hygienedisease is so prevalent because patients don't always do a great job of cleaning their teeth and gums. Think about whether you have proper oral hygiene habits and learn how you can improve them so that your next appointment with Dr. Michael Tisdelle in Charlottesville, VA will be a good one.

Why Oral Hygiene Is Important
It's important to keep every part of your body clean for hygienic and health reasons, but it is particularly important to keep your mouth as clean as possible. The oral cavity is the perfect place for bad bacteria to live, feed, and multiply because it is dark and warm. You also eat and drink throughout the day, which leaves food particles and liquid film behind for the bacteria to feed on. The cleaner you keep your mouth throughout the day, the less likely it is that bad bacteria will thrive.

What Are Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
Oral hygiene is about more than just brushing your teeth—it's also caring for your gums, tongue, and the other soft tissues in your mouth. These are considered good oral hygiene habits:

- Brushing for at least two minutes in the morning and at night (including your tongue).
- Flossing thoroughly before going to sleep at night.
- Making the decision to drink a lot more water and less sugary beverages.
- Eating foods that are high in calcium and other necessary nutrients.

Seeing Your Dentist for Checkups and Cleanings
In addition to keeping good oral hygiene habits at home, it's also important to get help from your dentist. You may be effective at removing dental film and food particles from around your teeth, but only a dentist can find and properly remove hardened calculus and tartar. At checkups, your dentist can also suggest necessary treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Call Today for a Professional Cleaning
Now that you know how to modify your daily oral hygiene habits, set up an appointment for a cleaning with Dr. Michael Tisdelle at his Charlottesville, VA dentist office so that you can get a fresh start. Call (434) 977-4101 today to schedule a visit.