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Reasons Why You May Need a Root Canal

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Reasons Why You May Need a Root Canal

A root canal is used to preserve the health of a tooth. Find out why our Charlottesville dentist might recommend this procedure.

A root canal may be met with negative or fearful responses but this procedure really isn’t a scary as it might seem. In fact, if our root canalCharlottesville, VA dentist Dr. Michael Tisdelle recommends a root canal it’s because this is the best way to treat your damaged tooth. Find out why a root canal might be necessary for preserving your oral health.

Why do I need a root canal?

A root canal removes damaged or diseased tissue to preserve as much of the tooth as possible and to prevent the need for a tooth extraction in the future.

Our Charlottesville dentist will often recommend a root canal once an infection, decay or damage has reached the inside of the tooth and affected the dental pulp (which contains the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues of the tooth). If the tooth has experienced enough damage then a root canal is usually the best course of action.

What should I expect from my root canal treatment?

This procedure is always performed under local anesthesia so that you won’t experience pain or sensitivity during your root canal. Many people coming into our office for a root canal are already in a lot of pain and desperately want relief. Fortunately, a root canal will be able to provide that relief by removing the infected portions of the tooth.

Once we’ve removed the affected tissue we can start to rebuild the tooth to prevent bacteria from reentering the canals. In most cases, a dental crown will also need to be specially designed to fit over your tooth to provide additional protection and to restore the tooth back to its full functionality.

Whether you have questions about your upcoming root canal or you just need to schedule your next routine appointment, call our Charlottesville, VA dental office today.

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