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Don't Ignore These Signs Of Gum Disease

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Don't Ignore These Signs Of Gum Disease

What your dentist in Charlottesville, Virginia wants you to knowgum disease

Gum disease can creep up on you, especially if you don’t brush and floss regularly. There are some definite signs of gum disease that you should not ignore. Fortunately, gum disease can be reversed if you catch it early enough before it progresses to periodontal disease. Dr. Michael Tisdelle in Charlottesville, Virginia wants to share the facts about the signs and symptoms of gum disease and how you can protect your smile.

You can recognize gum disease by the presence of definite signs and symptoms including:

  • Red, bleeding gum tissue, especially when you brush and floss
  • Puffy, swollen gum tissue that hurts when you chew
  • A frequent, recurring sour taste or bad breath

Gum disease is caused by harmful oral bacteria accumulation from poor oral hygiene. Plaque, which accumulates on your teeth, is filled with harmful bacteria which produce toxic-by products. These toxins cause inflammation and bacterial infection, resulting in gum disease.

Since gum disease affects only the soft tissue (your gums) it can be reversed by beginning a thorough oral hygiene regimen to control the bacteria. To reverse gum disease, remember to:

Brush after meals and before bed with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. A sonic or electric toothbrush is also helpful because of its flushing action.

Floss at least once each day, making sure you wrap around the widest part of each tooth as you go down in between your teeth. This helps to ensure the floss stays against the tooth surface for better cleaning action.

If you ignore the signs of gum disease, the infection can progress to the bone that supports your teeth. When the disease affects the bone, you now have periodontal disease, a condition that can’t be reversed, but it can be managed.

Don’t forget to make regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist a part of your excellent oral hygiene program. Your dentist and dental hygienist can help you keep your smile in top shape, and avoid dental problems like periodontal disease.

For more information about gum and periodontal disease and other oral and dental health topics and services, call Dr. Michael Tisdelle in Charlottesville, Virginia. Protect yourself from gum disease by calling today!

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