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Developing a Good Oral Care Routine

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Developing a Good Oral Care Routine

Stop dental health problems in their tracks with consistent oral care routines. Combine what you do at home with in-office care from Dr. Michael Tisdelle, your Charlottesville, VA, dentist. He'll help you keep your smile healthy--for life!

Developing a good routine

It all starts at home. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you brush your teeth two times a day--once in the morning and right before bed. Use a fluoride toothpaste, take a full two minutes, and be gentle so as not to wear your tooth enamel and abrade your gums. Get a new brush every two to three months, and replace it after a cold or the flu.

Also, clean between your teeth and at the gum line with a quality flossing product. Look for the ADA seal of acceptance for your best choice. Again, be gentle as you floss, and don't forget to clean behind the backmost teeth on both arches.

Every day, pay attention to when and what you eat. Avoid between-meal snacks, and be sure your menu choices are truly nutritious:

  1. Reduce carbs and processed sugar.
  2. Limit alcohol and acidic foods, such as tomato sauce.
  3. Eat several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4. Drink fluoridated water to strengthen enamel and to keep both hard and soft tissues clean. Water increases saliva which limits harmful bacteria and plaque.

Seeing Dr. Tisdelle

You should come to the office twice yearly for a complete check-up and hygienic cleaning. Consistent exams detect problems before they become complex. This includes assessment for decay, dental bite, gum disease, oral cancer, jaw problems, enamel wear and more. Plus, your friendly hygienist takes X-rays and gives your teeth a thorough scaling to remove plaque and tartar easily missed at home.

In-office care must be part of your oral care routine. The Oral Health Foundation says most Americans don't get it frequently enough, leading to tooth loss, systemic health problems and more.

A great smile

It takes a little work and vigilance every day, and at Dr. Michael Tisdelle's office in Charlottesville, we're here to support all you do. While dental care and services are currently postponed, it's important that you maintain a good oral health routine at home. We look forward to seeing you soon. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call us at 434-977-4101, leave a voicemail, and we will get back as soon as possible.

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